Sunday, January 08, 2012

A summer teaching clearinghouse

Editor's note:: Reposted from Health Law Blog.

ClearinghouseAlthough many law schools, both in the United States and to a lesser extent abroad, hire faculty members other than their own to teach summer school, this has always been a haphazard process. Establishing a general clearinghouse for law school summer teaching positions is likely to provide a great benefit for both law faculty and law schools across the country and the world. The Health Law Prof Blog has agreed to host the clearinghouse by posting all of the notices of teaching opportunities for the Summer of 2012.

Please share the following information in your announcement and send it for posting on the Health Law Profs Blog to either Jennifer Bard at or Katharine Van Tassel at

(a) the name of your school; (b) the name of the chair of your summer hiring committee and that person's contact information; (c) any particular subject areas in which your school is looking to hire; (d) the dates that the summer class(es) will be taught; and, (e) any other information you think might be relevant.


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