Monday, July 24, 2006

Announcing the Jurisdynamic Idol competition

With Andrea Matwyshyn’s designation as the inaugural Jurisdynamic Idol, Jurisdyamics will endeavor to make a regular feature of highlighting young scholars in law and allied fields. Would you like to be the next Jurisdynamic Idol? Please enter the competition. The rules are simple:
  • You must not be receiving a paycheck from my employer.

  • You may have a job, even a very good one you hope to have for keeps, but you can't have tenure.

  • You don't need to work in law, but you do need to work with law.

  • Law school, graduate school, and clerkship credentials are nice but not terribly weighty. Actual scholarly performance is much nicer and very weighty.

Jurisdynamics will independently scour the universe of legal talent for new Idols. Would-be Idols may nominate themselves or be nominated by others.

Idol status, to be sure, brings very few tangible benefits. That said, Jurisdynamics can offer you two things. First, each Idol has an open invitation to post on Jurisdynamics as a guest. Second, you are entitled and invited to post the Jurisdynamic Idol emblem, depicting Jurisdynamicsmascot, somewhere on your homepage and/or blog.

I intend to name new Idols on a reasonably regular basis. I look forward to receiving nominations and applications.


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