Monday, August 14, 2006

Taking orbit

Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterThe Jurisdynamics Network proudly announces several technological improvements.

First, Law Blog Central has added Balkinization and Jurist Forum to its roster of regularly featured law professor blogs. In connection with Adam Kolber's designation as a Jurisdynamic Idol, Law Blog Central will feature Adam's Neuroethics and Law Blog.

Second, the member blogs of the Jurisdynamics Network now offer readers the ability to send an e-mail message to the network webmaster without opening an external e-mail program. Webmail capacity is available under "correspondence" in each blog's sidebar and from the network portal. Curious readers may send webmail now. Ordinary links permitting readers to send conventional e-mail will remain active.

Third, the Jurisdynamics Network welcomes readers to sign its guestbook. Simply visit the network portal and click on the "Guestbook" link in the navigation frame.

Finally, we are especially pleased to announce the launching of the Jurisdynamics Network Orbiter. To see the Orbiter in flight, visit the network portal and click on the "Orbiter" link in the navigation frame. The Orbiter is inspired by PlanetPlanet's feed reader and aggregator and by Six Apart's Project Comet initiative. The Orbiter aggregates the latest posts from all of the Jurisdynamics Network's weblogs. The posts are presented in reverse chronological order so that visitors can see the freshest discussions of law in the context of societal and technological change. The Orbiter even has its own RSS feed, which you are invited to download by clicking here:  .  We hope that you enjoy the Orbiter and will visit often.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other solar system news, Pluto may soon lose its status as a planet.

8/14/2006 11:54 AM  

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