Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Climate Change Conference

On Nov. 16-17, Penn will be holding a conference on climate change.

Here's the promo:
In the United States, the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions has recently moved from theory to reality. This has occurred not through centralized, federal law and regulations, but rather through decentralized action: state regulation and lawsuits brought by state and non-governmental organization plaintiffs seeking to compel federal regulation or, alternatively, to attach common law liability to firms whose processes or products generate greenhouse gas emissions. This Symposium brings together some of the world’s leading scholars to critically analyze the law, economics, and science of these recent decentralized responses to global warming. The Symposium not only marks the first time that a major American law review has devoted an issue to the regulation of global warming, but is also a uniquely international and interdisciplinary event, with papers and commentary not only by leading American legal scholars, but also by atmospheric scientists, economists, and political scientists from both the United States and Europe.


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