Sunday, September 09, 2007

Journal ISO Env. Crimes Articles

Berkeley's criminal law journal is seeking articles about environmental crimes. Here's a blurb about the journal and some contact information:
The Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law is one of the premier criminal law reviews in the country. Berkeley is the highest ranked institution that produces a criminal law review, and our journal is at the core of Berkeley’s vibrant criminal law community, which includes the newly-formed Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice and an intellectual student body that is ideologically diverse but uniformly dedicated to excellence in criminal law. BJCL publishes articles on topics of national and international significance and is available in print and on LexisNexis, Westlaw, and Hein Online. We are currently accepting submissions for our Spring 2007 issue. We are seeking in particular to encourage articles addressing environmental crimes. Please send any submissions to, or direct any questions to the Submissions Editor, Keramet Reiter, at
It's a good sign that "non-environmental" law students are taking an interest in environmental issues -- maybe it indicates a trend toward understanding the relevance of the environmental to lawyers who practice in diverse areas.


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