Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Headlines for the new year

Extra! Extra!
Ann Bartow has tagged me with the "Headlines for the new year" blogging meme, which originated on Feminist Law Professors and began spreading there.

The premise is simple: I have to identify headlines in four distinct categories:

Headline I’m most fearful of seeing in 2008:

Polar ice melt deemed irreversible
Evacuation of New Orleans, Pacific Ocean islands advised

Here's a runner-up in this category:

President-Elect _____ assassinated
Political crisis looms; war in Middle East escalates

Headline I most want to see in 2008:

Scientists announce HIV vaccine breakthrough
Drug companies agree to fund shots in developing countries

Headline I most expect to see in 2008:

Spending, scandals, and smears
Candidates spend record amount as ads and allegations fly

Headline I least expect to see in 2008:

Electoral College tie sends election to House
Supreme Court refuses to review Ohio and Florida returns

And now it's time to tag. I tag Marie Reilly, Nancy Rapoport, Michael Dorf and/or Sherry Colb, and Paul Caron.


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