Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The theory of everything

Curious about the theory of everything? This 30-minute Vega program, downloadable in RealPlayer  format, offers some answers:
Colin BlakemoreHow did the universe start? What are we and where are we going? If we had a "Theory of Everything", we should be able to answer these questions.

Are we on the verge of that holy grail of science, a single theory that explains everything from planets to atomic particles, and if we ever get there, will it be the end, or the beginning of physics?

Physicists have theories covering everything from the extremely large to the very small. We examine the fundamental forces of the universe, and discuss how and why they may be related.

Chaired by Colin Blakemore, the panel consists of Professor Frank Close (particle physicist from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), Professor Joe Silk (Astronomy, Oxford University), Jacqueline McGlade (Mathematics, UCL) and Timandra Harkness (Playwright).


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