Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Jurisdynamic Law Dean

This just in: Jurisdynamics' own Jim Chen is about to become Dean of the Brandeis School of Law at the Univeristy of Louisville. From the official press release:
“I’m looking forward to helping the school extend the Brandeis legacy 150 years after his birth,“ Chen said, noting that one of many attractions to the post is the law school’s tradition of public service.

“I also look forward to engaging the work of the Brandeis School of Law with that of the legal profession and with that of the academy — in law and in other disciplines. I hope that the School of Law will play a leading role in helping the law accomplish those things that law is best equipped to do: avoid conflicts, resolve them when they arise, build productive organizations and, ultimately, solve social problems.”

Chen will begin his duties Jan. 2 by representing UofL at several out-of-town events. He expects to be on campus Jan. 16.


Blogger Ann Bartow said...

WOOT!!! If Jim is at the AALS I'm dumping a jug of Gatorade over him. Brandeis/Louisville is very lucky to get him.

12/19/2006 11:23 AM  

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