Thursday, August 03, 2006

Time to Adapt

I have had a tremendously enjoyable time contributing to Jurisdynamics through The Simply Complex Law series so far, and am looking forward to much more. Many thanks to those who offered such thoughtful and helpful comments along the way. Like a good complex adaptive system, however, I am feeling my fitness landscape begin to shift below my feet--it's time to adapt! So, here is what I have planned for the foreseeable future:

1. A brief vacation.

2. I will begin a new series on Readings in Complexity, which will provide what I hope are informative reviews of meaningful contributions in the literature to the understanding of complex adaptive systems theory in legal contexts. Many of the contributions I will review are mentioned on my reading list (which I will update soon thanks to several readers who alerted me to additional contributions), though I will also pick up new contributions as I find them or am alerted to them (please contact me at

3. I will also begin a series exploring the practical applications of complex adaptive systems theory in law, called Complexity in the Field. Given my personal interests and experience, the series will focus primarily on environmental and natural resources law and policy. I happily invite others to contact me about making guest contributions exploring the topic as it relates to other areas of law.

4. With Jim's help, I will consolidate and archive the first 10 posts in The Simply Complex Law series, which summarize the theoretical foundations I spun out in a long series of law review articles (see the reading list). I will continue the series primarily, albeit with less frequency, as the foundation for theoretical discussion of complex adaptive systems theory and law. As is the case for Complexity in the Field, I happily invite others to contact me about making guest contributions exploring the topic.

Many thanks to my readers, and to readers of all Jurisdynamics postings.


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