Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Introducing First Movers

Apollo sunriseThe Jurisdynamics Network is extremely proud to present First Movers, an affiliated weblog managed and written by law students, LL.M. and S.J.D. candidates, and recent law school graduates.

I have asked the authors of First Movers to elaborate, as they see fit, the themes that inspired Jurisdynamics in the first place: law amid societal and technological change. Aside from that admittedly amorphous piece of guidance, no one in the Jurisdynamics Network has guided or will guide the unfolding of content on First Movers. I do hope that First Movers will engage material posted on other blogs within the Jurisdynamics Network -- and that those other blogs will in turn engage First Movers.

First Movers' contributors fall into two categories, the J.D. Studio and the Graduate Division. The J.D. Studio is the home to students who have not yet received their first degree in law. Under exceptional circumstances, it might even include an undergraduate who has demonstrated a strong proclivity toward and a talent for legal scholarship. Indeed, one such undergraduate is a charter member of First Movers' J.D. Studio. The Graduate Division hosts LL.M. and S.J.D. candidates and other recent J.D. graduates who aspire to a career that, in one fashion or another, includes a scholarly component. Eventually, I hope, First Movers will boast alumni who will have successfully secured jobs within legal academia. That aspiration inspires First Movers' slogan, "Tomorrow's scholars ... today."

First Movers can be found at http://firstmovers.blogspot.com. You may also use either of these URLs:SunriseParticipation in First Movers is by no means restricted to students or graduates of the University of Minnesota. If you qualify for membership in either the J.D. Studio or the Graduate Division and would like to contribute to First Movers, please write the administrators of First Movers. As always, you may also send webmail via the Jurisdynamics Network.


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