Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jurisdynamics Network updates

Beneath the serenity of business as usual on this forum, other sites within Jurisdynamics Network have experienced some excitement this week. This little post is intended to inform Jurisdynamics readers of those developments.

BioLaw: Law and the Life SciencesNautilusBioLaw: Law and the Life Sciences is now online. The first week's posts include Andrew Torrance on stem-cell research and RNA interference, J.B. Ruhl on environmental governance, Peter Huang on positive psychology, and Holly Doremus and Andrew Torrance on climate change.

Ratio JurisSupreme CourtIn honor of the first Monday in October, Ratio Juris is running a series on the Supreme Court's 2006 Term. Everything from the coalitional propensities of the Court's newest Justices to in-depth analysis of the latest punitive damages controversy is fair game.

MoneyLawBelle LettreBelle Lettre, creator of the hyperliterate weblog Law and Letters, has now joined MoneyLaw. Her first post as a member of MoneyLaw ponders the place of the LL.M. degree in the professional development of an aspiring legal academic.


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