Friday, November 24, 2006

Blogrolling run amok

Frenzied shoppersGreetings to you all on Black Friday 2006. If you're sitting out the busiest retailing day in the United States, or just biding your frugal time till Cyber Monday, the Jurisdynamics Network has the perfect deal for you.

The Network's law blog switchboard, Law Blog Central, could stand to be updated. One of the blogs listed on this preview site has gone on permanent hiatus. I've asked Network webmaster Gil Grantmore to make minor adjustments from time to time, but there's only so much Gil can do without a body. So the time has come, I think, for a fairly comprehensive reconfiguration of LawBlogCentral.Org. When the overhaul is complete, Law Blog Central will, I imagine, look and feel much more like The Scientific Lawyer. Dedicated somewhat less to one of its original functions, that of promoting Jurisdynamics and its affiliated weblogs, Law Blog Central will reemerge with even greater functionality. I hope that it will become the portal of choice for readers interested in browsing law-related blogs.

Law Blog Central
Law Blog Central
So here is what I propose. If you publish a law-related blog and would like to be listed in Law Blog Central, please send me a message via the Jurisdynamics Network's webmail system. (Or send me an ordinary e-mail message if you prefer.) I hope you will reciprocate by linking to Law Blog Central, Jurisdynamics, the Jurisdynamics Network portal, and/or any other network affiliate (such as MoneyLaw or Ratio Juris).

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, and best wishes for the busy holiday and end-of-semester season that looms ahead of us all.


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