Monday, January 15, 2007

Bush turns Green??

Bush on the environmentIt's got to be reliable -- it's from a blog I know nothing about, except that a lot of other blogs link to it. That's proof of reliability, isn't it?

From the Daily Kos:
The word behind the scenes is that Bush will announce restrictions on greenhouse gases, including a system of cap and trade that's similar to that employed in Europe. There will also be a big focus on alternative fuels, with a government commitment to supporting expanding the use of renewable sources (oh, and nuclear, which Bush will still conflate with reducing the demand for oil).

By getting this stuff front and center in the SOTU, the administration hopes to at one stroke steal the issue from the left, seal the environmental gap that's been growing between them and the Christian right base, and give Blair the cover he needs to keep promoting Bush's hopeless war effort. Not a bad return for learning the words "switchgrass" and "cellulosic."
Wait a minute. Isn't switchgrass one of those things he clears on his ranch when he's recuperating from the burdens of the Presidency? That's got to be a plus.


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