Saturday, February 03, 2007

An electronic welcome to Dr. Scott

Waveland destruction
Waveland, Mississippi, home of Dr. Scott and Just Practicing, was laid waste by Hurricane Katrina. Photo credit: University of Virginia Law School and UVA Lawyer.
Jurisdynamics is more than a month behind in completing this chore, but I would like to welcome Dr. Scott of Waveland, Mississippi, to the blogging world. Dr. Scott's blog, Just Practicing, purports to be "the musings of a pediatrician in solo private practice trying to get by in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina," including "some medicine-related thoughts, some rants, and other stuff." That is far too modest a claim. Just Practicing tells the ongoing story of the Gulf Shore's recovery from the worst disaster in American history. Blessed with personal insight and driven by his obvious dedication to his family, patients, and community, Dr. Scott gives a compelling first-hand account of a story no American can afford to ignore.


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