Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who would you nominate?

As Eugene Volokh has observed, law professors are eligible to nominate would-be recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Fair enough. Law professors in the Jurisdynamics audience, who would you nominate?

Norman BorlaugI'll answer a slightly different question. Having examined the list of winners during the past half century -- which includes such luminaries as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Jimmy Carter, and Nelson Mandela -- I'll name a Peace Prize recipient whose impact is perhaps deeper and subtler than that of any other. He's pictured at right. If you haven't a clue who he is, join the club. I suspect that a substantial majority of the faculty members at his university wouldn't recognize his name. But don't just join the club. Be sure to read more about Minnesota's unsung Nobel laureate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said it once (on the AgLaw blog linked to this one) and I'll say it again:
"Go Gophers!!"

10/04/2006 9:47 PM  

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