Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Get it in gear!

The Sacramento Bee -- which, by the way, is quite a good newspaper and deserves more of a national reputation -- carried this story about the Governator:

"In California, we are doing everything we can to tip the balance in favor of the environment," Schwarzenegger said Wednesday afternoon at Georgetown University. "California is big. California is powerful, and what we do in California has an impact. We are sending the world a message."

Schwarzenegger's urged federal policymakers and Detroit automakers to take more aggressive action.

"What I'm saying to Michigan is, 'Michigan, get off your butt and join us,'" Schwarzenegger told the enthusiastic crowd.

It's the theme of the week, both globally and parochially. Substantively, Schwarzenegger privately urged Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson this week to grant California a waiver needed to regulate greenhouse gases from cars and trucks. The governor invited Johnson to visit the state during an upcoming 90-day comment period.
Arnold has a certain Teddy Roosevelt aura about him, when you think about it. It's certainly easy to imagine TR saying roughly the same thing, anyway.


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