Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Personal Experience with Cumulative Effects and Nonlinear Thresholds

For those few of you who noticed my absence from Jurisdynamics for the past six weeks, you'll be happy to know I have field tested cumulative effects and nonlinear thresholds. My first two weeks of February were lost to a nasty cold, which, when combined with my position at FSU as chair of the hiring committee, led to the proverbial digging of a hole. The pace at which the hole deepened crossed a nonlinear threshold about the end of February as hiring work ran up against the deadlines law schools have adopted for such matters. Mowing the lawn (this is Florida), washing the car, walking the dog, and posting on blogs all went by the wayside. As things settled down in early March, I saw first hand that reversing a nonlinear dynamic system is...difficult. It takes a lot more work to get out of the hole than to get into it. But I washed the car the other day and, barring another major perturbation, I will resume my discussion of cumulative effects after this coming weekend, which my family and I are spending at the beach at Destin pictured above--we want to see it a few more times before it becomes a victim of another set of cumulative effects called *lob** wa****g (edited by the White House). JBR


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